Thursday, October 6, 2011

Things I have said in the past week.

"Jackson that is a spatula not a golf club."

"When we pee in the potty, you need to not swing around. Remember that makes a big mess?"

Me: "Jack when you are not nice it makes mommy sad.
 I need you to put your listening ears on and be nice".
Jack:  (as he lays a hand on my shoulder)
"Mommy everyone has to be sad sometimes, it's just ok".

And he walks off. I had to leave the room so I 
didn't bust out laughing in front of him.

He has also started in the last week or two singing with the radio. Even to songs I didn't think he would know. It is so funny. I am going to try and catch it on video.

Oh, this boy. He keeps me on my toes for sure. 
 I love every second. Even if I am worn out at the end of everyday. 


Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

LOL...Brandon told me the other day that he "didn't want to hear anymore of that". I don't even remember what I was telling him, but I too had to leave the room. Gosh they are little sponges!!

Mommara said...

Oh Lindsey that is so true. B was telling Jackson to quiet down the other day and he yelled "Ay ay Captain!" Brian about died. I said you know when you laugh it negates what you told him in the first place. This kid is a mess. lol