Tuesday, October 25, 2011

All caught up.

I'm playing catch up yet again.
My email was acting crazy and well, the week was packed.
Now onto the cuteness! 

Check out our Sable... Gah, I love this kid.
The Oh, so talented and lovely Meredith
 of 519 photography has done it again.
She has done Jackson's Halloween pictures 
every year and we just love her.

Can't stand the cuteness. You can check out her blog
 post here to see some more adorable. :)

Next up is the very first sport photograph of Jackson.
You guys. That smile can get him out of trouble in a quickness.
We have really loved soccer this season. 
Couch Skip has been so awesome with the kids.
I would say this season has been a major success. 
Go Team Thunder!

and you know I love a phone dump...

1. Made these cookies and I agree. The best. 2. Helped dad put in this counter top on their breakfast bar. Love it! 3. Hello, eye candy. 4. Happy Birthday to Shelley. 5.Best Cupcakes ever. 6. First pumpkin of the year with Marbear. 7. Family picture spot with Miss Shannon again this year. 8. My loves.

Whew, I feel caught up. Happy week before Halloween! 


Michelle said...

I love the circles. Like peeking in a porthole and seeing snippets of your life.

Donna said...

OMG. Can he be any cuter with his Sable costume? Love all the portholes--so neat to see all your activities.

Faren said...

He is so adorable! I love his costume.