Monday, October 17, 2011

The Shower that Pinterest Built.

It was that and so much more. You guys I get teary even thinking about our Nanny becoming a Mommy. She is going to be an amazing one and honestly this shower had to be too!
I co-hosted the shower with her SIL 
Shanna and Grandma Mona {Pam's mom}.
I couldn't have done it with out them. It was amazing. 
I honestly took detail shots and then handed off my camera.
I missed out on so many shots too!
 I didn't even get the door or balloon entrance! 
Now onto the good stuff. Pictures!!!

Click to make larger. :) 

 Drinking out of bottles! Yes, please.

 The mantle was one of my favorite things. :) 
Pam's maternity photographer was kind enough
 to send me this picture for the mantle.
Love it, she rocked the sunflare and the pictures came out so good!
Check out her page here...Taken by Tate

 The gifts galore. The ladies showered mommy so sweetly.
The cute, cute food! Shanna and Mona had such cute ideas! 

 Ok, The sweetest gift. I am totally going to brag on Shanna. 
She not only made this quilt, she made up the pattern! 
Pictures on the bottom right of us gals and the 
left of Pam and her Mama and MIL

It was such an amazing shower.
I have not laughed so hard in a long time.
Who knew the bottles to drink out of would be such a hit. ;) 
In all seriousness it was a pleasure and joy to shower my bestie. 
She is no doubt going to be such an amazing momma. 
Durham is one lucky guy. 

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Lauren said...

Awesome!! I need you to brainstorm for my next get are SO creative!!

Donna said...

Love all the details! Great job Ra. What a beautiful shower! Absolutely beaming with love.

SashaLenz said...

I clicked & nothing got bigger.... but the whole thing looked so cute! good job! I want shanna to make me a quilt just like that that is awesome!