Monday, October 17, 2011



{from this}
This was the first time he met my parents.
At a Jimmy Buffet concert, lucky guy.

{To this}

Seven Years.
Can that be right? It seems like yesterday and 
twenty years ago all at the same time.
 I am so lucky. 
Not like most girls when they say that all stary eyed. 
The serious, deep in my soul lucky. 
You are what I always imagined my partner would be.
You love me more than I love myself most of the time.
You are loyal, and true. The best daddy I know. Super hot. 
You calm me when I get anxious. You always keep your promises.
You can make me laugh in a heartbeat and piss me off faster than anyone else. ;) I guess that is just life. You make mine easy.

You have made my relationship advice the truth:

"The relationship part has to be easy, because life is hard. 
If the relationship part is hard, then your in for a struggle. So (ladies) just wait for the one that it isn't work with.
 I promise he is worth the wait."

You were worth the wait. Although, I was lucky enough to find you pretty quick. We were babies when we met. Twenty one year olds are crazy. Somehow nine years ago crazy worked. 
We have had to change but, like a fine wine {insert cheesy line} we have gotten better with age. 

Thanks for being my guy. My love, my blessing.
I love you.
Your Ra. 

Like seventh grade I am going to dedicate to you two songs. 

Everything about this is us now.

Our song. <3

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Michelle said...

I wish you guys 100 more!