Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stone Mountain

This weekend the weather in Ga was AMAZING! 
It got us up and outside all day Saturday and Sunday.
Sunday we even threw in a little mountain climbing action. 

Well, Stone Mountain at least. It's more like a steep hill at best but, we will take what we can get.
Here's hoping it wasn't just a tease and we will have more weekends this pretty again real soon!

Justin and Marah 
 and Bub's. 
 He was so funny about not having help climbing. Granted daddy HAD to
hold him a few times but, Mr. Independent did a good bit himself. 

Jackson fell last week and landed on his chair in his play room. 
Poor dude has been rocking that bruise ever since. :(

 Favorite picture of the day. I love these two. 
 The steep hill.
 Taking a little break to enjoy the view that did mommy in.
The picture that did me in.

 I may not have ever shared this before but, I have an awful fear of heights. I have done stone mnt. before but, never where I was with my eye in the viewfinder of the camera most of the way up.
I think not paying much attention and then all of the sudden realizing where I was. About 30 seconds after this picture. Umm, I almost blacked out. Nice, huh? Everything went really bright, my ears got foggy and I could barely stand up. I'm such a wuss. Needless to say I got a grip and headed down to sit and compose myself while everyone else made it to the top. I felt like such a dork but, can't fight with my fear of heights. Ah, well. Maybe next time sans camera I can make it. lol
It was a great day. We literally stayed outside until the sun went down.

Are you afraid of anything silly? You know you want to share to make me feel better?

xoxo ra

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The Hill House said...

Spiders do me in. It doesn't matter how big or small, I can't stand them! *shudder*