Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pinterest Lurve

Do you Pinterest?
If you don't you should. It is an personal bookmarking site you share.
I lurve it. Seriously. It's so fun and inspiring to me. 
Kinda cool to see all of your pins grouped together too.

Here are my 10 favorite "pins" so far.

1: Numerous catchy prints.
The neat thing is you get linked back to 
where to purchase the items or where they came from.

                               Source: etsy.com via Tamara on Pinterest

2: Dream outfits.
You can be looking at the JCrew website 
and pin something to your Pinterest.
                               Source: calypsostbarth.com via Tamara on Pinterest

3: Pictures I just Adore
This one takes my breath away and makes 
me miss my Grandma so much I ache.
In an inspiring way if that makes sense.
                            Source: bobowoodlake.tumblr.com via Tamara on Pinterest

4: I "pin" buttons that are so me and bestie. 
It made me laugh out loud.
                            Source: etsy.com via Tamara on Pinterest

5: Case in point. Font's I adore.
Yep I "pin" them too
                                Source: new.myfonts.com via Tamara on Pinterest

6: Kitchens. I have a thing for kitchen's.
It is my dream one day to be as amazing in the kitchen as my dad.
I have so many great memories in our kitchen. Even if half of them
 dad is telling me not to mess with the food. ;)
                          Source: vivafullhouse.blogspot.com via Tamara on Pinterest

7:  Dream Purses.
Seriously swoon
                                Source: virginiajohnson.com via Tamara on Pinterest

8: How I truly think.
I am a glass always full gal. Why live any other way.
                                 Source: weheartit.com via Tamara on Pinterest

9: 3rd Birthday Ideas.
Yes, I have 4 months and I am already thinking about it.
Birthdays are a big deal in our house.
Can you guess the theme?
                               Source: hostessblog.com via Tamara on Pinterest

10: Tattoo's I love.
I am thinking for my 30th this is what I want.
To get my next one.
I have it in my head. Just have to get it on paper.
{not this one I just think it's pretty}
                         Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

So there you have it. I love Pinterest. 
Do you have one? 
{want one leave me your email and I will send you an invite}
Leave me your handle in the comments.
You can find me here. . .


Michelle said...

ooooh! Can you send me an invite! I love this idea!

Pam said...

ok... I'm hooked. Send me an invite...
1. I'd buy you that bag for Mother's Day if it wasnt $350.
2. Love the pins! LOL
3. I've never seen the glass is always full thing... awesome. and so you. :)

Laura said...

This looks really awesome. Can you send me an invite please!