Sunday, February 27, 2011

Phone Dump Sunday.

What an amazing weekend. 
Wanna See?

We had quite a few play dates last week. 
This picture was too cute not to share. 
They both went home with these hats. 
Saturday morning Jackson had
 a date at Miss Lisa's.
If you live anywhere near Atlanta and
 your babies need their hair cut. 
I highly recommend Miss Lisa's cuts for kids
Jackson adores her and doesn't cry.
 This is huge. 
She also has a playroom. 

This Saturday Miss Lisa's new 
stylist Miss April cut Jacks hair. 

It looks great. Lunch at Leon's 
to celebrate the day. 

We got ready for Marah to start her 
softball season as a Bulldog!
We are so excited for the first game
 in a couple weeks.
I made the dugout names for the girls.

 Daddy had a night with Bub's and
 Mommy got to meet some girlfriends out.
Before. Mommy duty. 
 After. Ready for the night. 
It was so fun. Great company, food, and drinks.
We may have closed the restaurant down.
 Sunday Daddy met Uncle Justin for 
some golf and we had some 
family patio time at lunch. 
It was so nice out.
 We came home. Had family nap time. HEAVEN.
Breakfast for dinner, and are finishing the
 night off with these and the Oscars.
Jackson says "bye" guys. 
It's time for bed. 
Hope you all had a great weekend. 


Pam said...

Looks like the perfect weekend!! :) Awsome job with Marah's thing... and where were you getting ready for girls night? moms? LOL

Nana said...

.....great pics ra!!!!----I love the mommy duty pic and then the going out....such fun and the truth of it all!!!! ALWAYS LOVE THE PICS OF JACK!!!!!!