Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ain't too proud to beg.

I have entered in an Amateur photo contest 
with a fun natural light picture of our guy. 
You may have seen it Monday?

If you lovies wanna help a momma out to win.
It just takes two clicks.
1. Click {HERE} and "like" Click Workshops.
2. Then find my photo 
{the one above, under amateur natural light} 
and "like" it.

We sure would appreciate it!

{If you wanted to share this on your blogs/fb/twitter 
I wouldn't be sad. ;) If ya catch my drift.}

I also promise not to be the annoying, please vote for my picture/kid much. k. :) 


KLaw said...

I gotcha back sistah! Just liked the hell out of it :)

Kari said...

Done...This is really a great shot. good job.

Allison said...


Summer {athena in the middle} said...

done and done. i never tell you how precious he is. he really is one of the most beautiful kids that I have ever seen.