Sunday, December 12, 2010

Merry Christmas in N.Ga

This weekend we headed up to Papa and Nuna's house friday night and Nana and Grandpa's house Saturday night. It was a fun filled weekend of our Christmas with everyone. 

Friday night we got to have dinner with Charley and Leslie. Jackson is always so excited to see Charley and was excited to get to see and spend some time with her. After dinner Papa and Nuna took us to see the dancing lights in town. It is a street of homes that has set up their light show to music through a computer. Pretty cool. Daddy got a video from his phone. A little shaky but, you get the point.
*** {If you are epileptic don't watch. These lights are crazy!} ***

We had a fun night and morning. Nuna made a yummy breakfast and Jackson's great grandma came over too. He got to open presents with everyone. Papa plays guitar at his church and got Jackson a small one to play with. So cute! He also got some new George movies and we watched one tonight before bed.  I only pulled my camera out for a second but, got some cute pictures.

 Papa was pretty excited. Snapping a picture. 

Saturday afternoon we headed up to Nana and Grandpa's. 
Everyone came up and we got to see Sydney, Scott, Robin, Justin, Aunt Amelia, and Hayden. 
It was a party. Aunt Nessa and Uncle Lamar and Harold live super close so we got to visit with them too. We had a pizza party and then did presents. Hayden and Jackson are only 4 months apart so they love to play together. This is also the first year they have really been into Christmas so it was super cute to watch them. Nana and Grandpa had all the kids and grandkids together so they loved it. 

The boys on the blanket and pillows Mimi got them. 
 Hayden being silly
 Jackson helping Hay open his present
 These were matching pj's. So cute. I was so busy "Oooing and Ahhing" 
I have gaps in my pictures. The jams are cute! You'll have to trust me. 
 Daddy helping 

 A fire truck!
Hayden got a guitar from Grandpa today. Having no idea Jackson had gotten one. 
Maybe they will start a band. 
 The boys got a kitchen.
Lots of cooking was done this morning.
 This will be funny to no one but, us. The boys wanted to play with the kitchen so us girls got to work putting it together in our bedroom. We all did a little :/ when we saw all the pieces.
 I should have gotten an after picture. It was a beast to put together. 

We are beyond blessed having family that loves us.
The presents are fun but, a far second to that for sure!

xoxo ra


The Hill House said...

Freddie was proudly showing off the book you guys gave him. It was precious! :)

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

such a fun time! xoxox

Kel said...

Ra- We love those lights!! We visit that neighborhood often. Loved the pics!!