Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catch up.

I am on the mend and *almost* back to normal. 
Sorry blogging has been so slack. 
This past week/end was full of holiday fun.

Nanny dropped off a Thanksgiving Card Bub's can not get enough of.
It plays the Charlie Brown theme song and he loves it.
It has gotten COLD here in Ga. Here are my guys dressed in our family uniform.
Hoodies and sweats. What can I say we are glamorous. 
Oy Vey, me and these sideways pics. 
I made Jackson some of these yarn covered wood letters for his room.
I adore the way they came out. Got the idea {here}
No weekend would be complete with out Marah
teaching Bub's to dance to holiday songs.
I just love these two. 
Nana and Grandpa came down and Jackson got an early Christmas present.
It was SO COLD outside we put socks on his hands but, he loves this thing.
His first car. lol

It was a long but, fun weekend and by the end. Jackson was worn out.
I think we all were. On the couch watching George Christmas. 
Slumped down and ready to pass out. 

So funny. Hope you guys are having a good week.
We have tons of family visits coming up and are excited.

{yes, phone pictures again. I promise I am making headway in shooting in manual but, most pics that way this month are gift/card related and no peaks till everything is done}
xoxo ra


house 09 said...

it looks like busy and fun! love his first car and the wooden letters... may your december get even better :)

KLaw said...

You little guy just makes my heart melt. This is fantastic! He's sooo cute :)

Donna said...

Hooray for new blog post. Miss yah lady! I love the letters. so crafty!

Nana said...

...soooo glad to hear you are feeling better,,,,and thanks for the pics I love them ......specially the struggle to stay awake on the couch!!!!