Friday, December 10, 2010

Gaggle of Chicks. {great deal}

Seriously I just like the word gaggle.

If any of you are suckers for a great deal like me. This is a great site to sign up for. The deal for today is from box creations. Super cute little playhouses, the kids color themselves.
This just sounds like hours of fun.
Plus, right when you sign up for a free account they give you $5 off your first purchase.
'So go check them out. 

I am pretty excited about one of these showing up at my house for Marah and Bubs.
After signing up with shipping this bad boy was only $10!
Have a great weekend.

xoxo ra


KLaw said...

What a genius idea! Isn't it one of those things that you're kicking yourself for not thinking of first? This is perfect for my neice!

Val said...

Those boxes are brilliant!

thais. said...

incredible fun! my little one would love this. going to check them out :)

In this wonderful life... said...

HOW FUN! These seem like a great idea and the price is great.

New Game Blogger said...

Thanks for the link!