Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a weekend. :)

We had an amazing 4th weekend. I hope you all did too! Daddy got off work early on Friday and played some golf so Mommy and Bub's had a date at Cracker Barrel. He loved it so much and I am a sucker for veggies drenched in butter (lol) . Seriously he ate more off my plate than I did. :) He is a growing boy after all. Saturday we headed out to the lake. We played all day it was so much fun. Jackson was very interested and a little afraid of the fireworks show but, he couldn't look away. It was so cute. Then to top the amazing weekend off. It was Stephanie's birthday today (Her 6th anniversary of her 29th birthday) so we headed up to their house and had a cookout with them. Jackson made a new friend, Miss Mia. She is gorgeous. We had to leave a little early, little man got tired from the full weekend. It was a busy busy weekend but oh so worth it. Enjoy the pictures. :)
The Golf Cart all decked out for the 4th
Shrimp Boil with friends
Boat Time.
Getting ready for the fireworks
Watching with Grand dude Bobby.

It was so fun, Yay for fireworks.
Happy Birthday Steph!
Jackson and Mia
Stop the presses! Christian holding a baby. Their is still hope yet!
Sweet Mia.

We did go for a wagon ride this afternoon but, the rain cut it short.
Jackson was sad but, we do need the rain.
Maybe tomorrow we will get a longer walk in.


JosiahsMommy said...

I like B's Shirt. Lol

The Mrs. said...

I love the "6th anniversary of her 29th B-day!" hahaha

The pics are awesome! I feel like I have not seen yall in 10 years! (even though it has only been 3 days...) this was a long weekend!! Lovies... see you thurs!!