Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jello and a PT update.

Jello, an all american summer treat, right?
I mean what child doesn't love that jiggly summer treat?

Well, me for one.

I guess it was a texture thing or maybe the flavors. YUCK.
Now don't worry. I am not going to deprive my sweet baby jello goodness just
because his mom has a weird dislike for it.

See. I made him Cherry. The number 1 jello flavor.

Gotta love this face...
Ut Oh...
Oh man...
"Mom whatever that was. DO NOT do it again."

Point taken little man, point taken.
You may be daddy's spitting image but, you got your momma in there too.

To say this made me smile is an understatement.
Want to know something else that makes me smile?

Physical Therapy. You heard me right.
The very thing I cursed last week and gave me an awful stomach ache the closer I got today. Made me smile. Jackson got a new physical therapist today and she was amazing. Her approach was completely different and it was wonderful. There was a good 20 minutes that he forgot he wasn't next to me. He laughed and we got a lot of great information and some new stretches and games to play. This is such a relief I didn't know how we were going to get through it after last week. I can once again say I am excited to see where it takes us.

Please say a prayer for Sweet Baby Stellan. He isn't doing well again. His little heart is fighting like crazy. You can click his button to the right and read up on his story. We are asking for a miracle.


Stefanie said...

Funny about the jello! I wonder if my little man will like it - I'll have to try it one day soon!

That is great news about the PT!!! I am so happy to hear the positive news!! :)

And I am continuing to pray for Stellan...God Bless that beautiful family! We do need a miracle and I have faith we'll get one! :)

Have a great day! S

KLS said...

I am so glad PT is working out. I know how heart breaking it can be to have to watch someone go through that, let alone your sweet little boy!

The Mrs. said...

OMG! The jello face is even funnier than I imagined! I love it! hahaha
Yea for PT! I am so glad it is getting better. Saying prayers for next week!

Cisilia "cc" said...

I am praying for Stelan. It is so sad ! I am so thankful we have a therapist who can lovingly teach him what he needs. I would of never have been able to go knowing he was crying for a solid hour. I would of hurt someone! Ra you are a rock!

Nana said...

Ditto on the CC.....thanks for being "that" mom, RA!! and goodness gracious at the jello face this almost passes the easter bunny...love it...love ya'll.. Thoughts and prayers to Stellan and his family....have faith for miracles!!!