Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday...

This is a really cute blogging world subject started by Stellan's Momma over at mycharmingkids.
The idea is you tell things you have done but, in a "No, not me?" kind of way from the past week.
Super fun. So from time to time if you see it. Now you know the idea... You can skip on over to MckMomma's page and check her's out also.

Here we go...

While I sat on the living room floor and played catch with Jackson, I did NOT let him scoot into the kitchen and use my flip flop as a chew toy...


I certainly did not grab the camera and take pictures before I took it away. That would be gross.


While at the lake for the forth. I did not forget a swim diaper on our boat ride and just let Jackson swim in his life jacket sans bottoms.


I most certainly did not moon daddy, then get pee'd on while I was holding him up.


Then when we got back on the boat and I was grabbing for his regular diaper I did not find TWO swim diapers in the bag and not tell anyone because I was embarassed.


Jackson was none the wiser and a little tee tee never hurt anyone, right?
Hope you have a wonderful Monday! Blog about your "NOT ME" moments today or you can leave them in the comments :)


Nana said...

way toooo cute and so very not you!!!! Enjoyed "ALL" the pics and glad ya'll had such a good fourth!!! Thanks for sharing always good to see the new one's and Ms. Char and Scott keep some of the ones I printed out, thanks again for those!!! Love ya'll hugs and kisses the lil' man!!

JosiahsMommy said...

Lol. Too cute Ra.