Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A New Adventure.

So we started a new adventure in the W household today.
Jackson is starting physical therapy.

We had our initial consult at The CHOA Scottish Rite Location this morning. I have to admit I was a little nervous going into it. All in all it went great. I almost *almost* lost it only once and I thought that was good. :) Our PT was wonderful. Super sweet and answered all of our questions. At the end of the evaluation (that lasted 2 1/2hrs) she gave J his score on the scale they have. 10-12 is average and he is functioning (for his gross motor skills) at a 2. I was a little surprised at how low it was, but when she started going over things he "should" do I realized her assessment was more than fair. (That's when I *almost lost it). The part that they actually did the physical therapy with him a lot of tears were shed. She reassured us that none of the exercises hurt him, that he was just out of his comfort zone and upset. I could tell by his cry that was true. It was more mad and frustrated. She said this usually lasts the first month or so then they get more comfortable. So all in all it was a success. We will go once a week for an hour session and do workouts at home. Then when BCW starts we will add another PT session in the home also (they take up to 45 days to initially contact you). It looks like we are at a great place to catch up and it will be work for Jackson but, we know he is up to the challenge. Our PT today thought that in 3-4 months we should be up to speed. We will meet the PT we will work with throughout Jackson's therapy next week. So say some prayers for our little man. I know this journey is one we need to embark on. I just hate to make him upset and cry he is such a happy man. I don't ever want anything to break his sweet spirit. I guess this will be the first time since he was born we as parents will have to do something he may not like for his own good. I'm sure not the last.

I leave you with a picture from this evening.
We had to get some swing time in since he worked so hard today.


Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Now that is classic joy!!

It's wonderful to meet you! I just read some on your other blog and was so blessed by the scriptures there!! God's words always lift my soul like nothing else can!

JosiahsMommy said...

Awww it looks like he is loving the swing! I'll be praying for you and for Jackson. It will get easier to take him in, and it's good that you know it's for the best. *hugs* Feel free to call or text me if you need to talk.

Stefanie said...

I'm sorry you guys are going thru this challenging time...but I know Jackson will do great!! I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers...everything will be ok! Take care, hugs! Stef

Donna said...

I am praying for Jackson and your family. Be strong! Your lil man will be up to speed soon.

Nana said...

Such a little....or should I say big Trooper!!! Thank ya'll again for being such good parents and Jackson will be just fine as soon as he makes the adjustment, he'll be thinkin' it's a new play time!! I think when he figures out all the new stuff he can get into and keep up more with his big Sissy.....he'll be off!!! Thanks again for sharing....love ya'll and can't wait to see ya'll this weekend!!!

Pineapple Princess said...

Following your blog!
Jackson is just adorable!
I prayed for him tonight.

The Mrs. said...

I think this breaks the record for comments!?! I love you... and I pray for J everyday... You are the most fantastic momma I know and I can't think of anyone I love more. See you tomorrow!

Karen said...

Good for you for getting Jackson the extra help. Kate's speech and occupational therapy really helped her in getting caught up to where she was behind developmentally. You're doing great! Go, Jackson!!