Monday, November 5, 2012

Because sometimes you just need to go to church,

On a Monday. Last week/end has been filled with answered prayers and friends with mourning hearts.

A good friend found out last week that her 2 year old has a brain tumor and within 24hrs she was scheduled for surgery. She is doing great but, still has quite the road in front of her. Please remember Reesey and her family in your prayers. You can donate here or be apart of the auction here.

I also have two sweet ladies in my life who lost their mom's this weekend. One on Friday and one last night. Both are feeling this loss in a major way so please hold up Mckenzie and Rosie in your prayers.
For never meeting and being almost 30 yrs difference in age their stories are so similar. Both fought hard and took such amazing care of their mom's until the very last breath. I can't help but, think this is both such a gift and heartbreaking. Thinking of you guys.

We are also praying for those effected by Sandy. It's so sad to think a week later and some people haven't seen sight of help yet.

In all things we worship and praise your name. You are good, you are faithful, you are in control and for that we have the hope to keep on, keeping on~

Something on your heart? I am always here to pray for you friends. xoxo

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