Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Late to the game but, he was so cute none the less. He wanted to be a race car driver this year. He decided in August and never changed his mind. Nothing to do with Nascar just as if he was the famous race car driver. Zulily to the rescue. He looked so cute and it had his baseball number all over it! Go #23!!!

We had so much fun trick or treating that evening and that day at his school fall festival. :)
All in all it was an awesome day. I can't believe next year we will be trick or treating with two.

Fall Festival at preschool.
Super cute with the pumpkin he made.

 Class picture.

 Made every shot!

Time to trick or treat!

Bobby and CC brought the golf cart over so he could be like a real race car driver.

 Such a fun night!

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Nana said...

WOW---great pictures!!! Love yall!! Sure was good to see yall Sunday!!