Wednesday, October 17, 2012

8 is great.

8 years ago this morning I was getting ready to get married. I was a baby. B was a baby and we didn't know much but, we knew this was right. It was easy. It was something we would fight for forever together. Life is not easy, so it helps when you marry your best friend. Some one who will cheer you on, who knows you need a minute when you get angry. Who can make you laugh over nothing. It's not the big moments, the huge decisions, it's the little everyday junk that makes up love.

The best advice we received when we got married was from Tim and Donna. Our pastor and his wife. It has always stuck with us. They said that when you get married, that love is to face one another. To breathe the same breath. Back and forth. Face to face as life comes at you. Not facing the same direction. You can become way to easily distracted. This may not sound powerful enough for each person to some, or give you enough space to be you. For us, it is how we work. It's how we make the hard decisions. It's why today I can honestly say, I am more blessed and more in love with my husband.

Sure, we drive each other nuts. He leaves his pants on the back of the chair for the next day in the living room. It makes me batty but, its him and I love him. Have you seen my hair. I shed like a lion when I blow-dry my hair. I know he wishes I vacuumed each and every time but, I don't. These are just things. They kind of make me laugh really at how silly they are when I type them out.

So 8 years in. I feel good. I feel lucky. I feel really damn good about how far we have come and what the future holds. The addition that Miss. Lena will make. The growing pains we will surely go through.
We have made some changes this last year that while hard to navigate have made our family stronger. Made us love bigger and focus on us. It's so funny how as you grow up you realize that you get to pick whats right for your family. What your truth is.

Thanks B, for being my husband, my guy, my love. Thanks for being my breath. I couldn't do it without you. I would never want to.

Love Always,


Kristen at First Name Smith said...

Happy anniversary my friend!!!

andrea said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary - love the pictures!

Nana said...

...again hope you both had a wonderful day, so very proud of/for yall...and love you both dearly!