Friday, June 1, 2012

About me!

I'm Ra. I say y'all a lot and over punctuate like no ones business. I just felt like you
 should know that up front. I love my sweet tea split with lots of ice, the beach, great food, live music, my husband, kid and Jesus. Not necessarily in that order. I also like my soda water, beer and gummy bears cold. The first two with lime. I'm kind of a walking contradiction but, it works. At least for now. 
It's ever changing that's for sure.  

This is B.  Dreamy husband since 04'. Awesome all around guy since even before that. 
They don't make them like they used to, that's for sure. He makes me a better person. He is a kick ass daddy. The kind that comes home and wrestles in his work clothes and likes to play kickball
 in the front yard. He likes to run. That's weird but, we keep him anyway. 
He is also nice to look at. Your welcome. 

This is Jackson. 4 in June and the love of our lives. He remembers everything, so watch what you say.
 He is an animated story teller. Soccer, t-ball, the lake, beach, spending time with his 
friends, family, sable, snow cones, and shrimp. This little guy loves big. The easiest kid ever.
 I don't know how we got so lucky. 


donna said...

Love the new design. Was smiling big reading your "About Me" So true! XOXO.

andrea said...

I love the new design too, so cute!