Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Fourth Birthday

My Sweet Jackson,
{Uba, Jack, Booba, Boobs, Monkey, Bubbie, Bub's, Dude}

What a fantastic year it has been. I think this may be the first birthday that has made me sentimental. Tonight in bed we went through the blog and watched old videos and re read your stories. It reminded me on the eve of your birthday just how important this little spot on the internet is to our family. 

This year has been amazing. You started playing team sports. I think this is one of those things daddy and I have most looked forward to with you growing up. It has been so fun for all of us! You played soccer this past fall on Team Thunder . Then this spring you joined The Indians for your first season of  t-ball. You are really athletic and loved every moment with both teams. Although, I think the six month difference between sports helped you get into t-ball a bit more. You really enjoyed being on The Indians and two of your baseball friends will actually start schools with you in the fall. We are very excited about this.

This year welcomed two new friends for you. Wyatt and Durham. You are very interested in babies and love these boys so much. You tell us stories about how they are your brothers because you want to be the big brother. It's so sweet. You are such a gentle spirit and great friend. 

You love to tell us that you love us. "I love you mommy, I love you daddy" is said many times a day. I love this so much and just this week in the car you said "I love you guys". It makes our hearts shine to think you feel so loved that you want to share it. 

This year was not with out it's trials. You really learned independence. Boy, oh boy do you love to do and have things your way. I think this is partially because you are an only child and maybe because you picked it up from  me. ;) We are working on becoming a touch sweeter with our reactions to things not going your way. 

You are full of laughter, love to sing (keep me in mind), dance, be outside, play with any ball and read. You still love to snuggle Sable at night. This year your palate for food has exploded. You love shrimp and salmon and ask for them all the time. I love that you like to try new things. It's so fun to watch you explore. 

You love your daddy. You ask for him from the moment you wake up and you always worry about him during the day. Especially when you get a little sleepy you will say "I want daddy". Sometimes even on the weekend when daddy is with us. I think it's a really cute habit. I am so glad you two love each other so much. You are the apple of his eye for sure. 

You started writing this year some. You can spell your name (when you sit still long enough) and even wrote daddies name on his Father's Day card. I can not tell you how much of a joy you are to us. We simply adore you. We are so proud of the amazing little guy you have become and look forward to the adventures that 4 will bring us all.

                                                      Last 3 year old snuggles before bed. 

Happy Birthday my sweet man.
We love you so very much, 
Mommy & Daddy

How we woke  up our 4 year old today. 


bethany said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! Hope you have a fun filled day.

kirkandmona said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jackson. We love you!

Pam said...

Awww! Happy Birthday Bubs!

Diana said...

I want to sleeeep.. how funny is that!! Such a smarty pants!!

Sara B said...

I can't really deal with how adorable he is. Its too much! Happy Birthday, Handsome!

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Oh, there is NO WAY Brandon would wake up that happy!! So cute! Happy Birthday Jackson!

Nana said...

...priceless!!! love ya'll!

Nana said...

...priceless!!! love ya'll!