Sunday, May 27, 2012

A mommy moment.

Tonight while in the shower I realized just how close we are to Jackson starting school this fall. I know that the season of our everyday, all day time together is coming to an end and that is a touch bittersweet. I know it won't change our adventures and he will have wonderful new friends and stories to tell us. It's just that once you start school you go until you graduate high school, and then you are off to college. After that Bam! your an adult. I swear I just had this kid and he is already a grown up in my head. Some how him starting this next part makes me feel a little like this "little kid" stage is over.

::sigh:: I completely understand I am being sentimental about this whole thing and I am sure come this fall we will be happy dancing for the new phase. We have with every adjustment thus far but, for now I am embracing the mommy lump in my throat. Please excuse me while I snuggle my baby a bit tighter tonight.


Pam said...

I got all teary-eyed just reading that. I totally feel you, sometimes when I look at him I have to blink back and ask myself... is that really the same baby that changed my life almost 4 years ago.

Cisilia "cc" said...

Well from your mommy to you, I totally get it. Yes it does happen too quickly and while you are busy keeping up with the basics another day goes by. How blessed I am to be. A part of your beautiful family. My Rara you will always be! I love you more than words could even try to express.