Friday, May 18, 2012


We finished up a great first t-ball season with the Indians. We can't wait to have our end of the year party and see everyone a last time. Jackson loves baseball. I think he is hooked.

This Mother's Day we headed to the lake. It was such a fun day. Played in the water, a boat ride and an awesome sushi dinner. It was fabulous and on Sunday my guys spoiled me for sure with a relaxing day and great brunch.
This week we had picnic lunch on the porch. I *think* we have finally gotten past Jackson's allergies. I don't remember if I have shared or not but, this year has been our toughest yet when it has come to Jackson's breathing. We finally got the asthma label and since we got rid of this last wheeze things have been looking up. I am really hopeful we won't be so dependent on the nebulizer now.
We had a playmate with this little man who makes my heart so happy. We helped finish a really fun project at Nanny's house. Well the prep work really in-between snuggles. I am sure she will share soon on her blog. It's so amazing to see how much Jackson loves him and vis versa. It's awesome.
I actually won this adorable bag this week from Freckles Chic. I couldn't believe it and received my bag yesterday and it is perfect! I can't wait to use it this summer.
Jackson and I went on an exploring adventure. We love to walk around this antique/junk warehouse in our square. They have the most random, dusty things but, mixed in are some real treasures. Jackson brought his camera so he could take pictures to show daddy. He is in this phase of explaining everything 10 different ways to get a story across. To the point of getting out of breath. It's really cute and the pictures help his story telling. ;) I think he is going to be a great story teller like Bobby.
Brian has taken off with his working out. I am so proud of him. This weekend he is competing with some of the guys he works with in the Warrior Dash. They are so excited and I know they will do awesome! Tonight we went to a local park and he ran while I walked with Jack in the jogging stroller with mom. When we got ready to go the sunset was amazing.

Bring on the weekend! TGIF.

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Kristen at First Name Smith said...

I am still dying over that photo!!!! Its so gorgeous!