Monday, September 19, 2011

Yogi Bear, The Braves, and Festivals oh my.

This past week we cashed in a Groupon to see the Braves.
One of Jackson's favorite summer past times.
1-2-3 swing!
The stadium has a kids zone. They have people playing kids baseball the whole game.
If it was up to Jackson we would play here the whole time.
I won't lie, most of our time is in here. We watch maybe 20 minutes of the game and play the rest.
If you saw Jackson in action you would know why. My dad said it brought tears to his eyes to see Jack so excited to play with the big kids. He hit the ball every up to bat. Just saying. ;)
Jackson's second favorite thing to do at the game is watch Yogi Bear. A sweet young man who plays the big drum. He remembered Jackson from the last game and gave him some drum sticks. Holy Moly. He was/is so excited about them. Thanks Yogi! You are a much talked about part of the Braves in our house. This is Jack watching Yogi play the drums while holding his new sticks.
Mom and I went to a local festival this weekend. Tis the season and I love it! 
Jackson petting the cows. We had a fun time at the festival and I even had the chance to get an emergency kit done for Jackson. The local lodge sponsored having the kids emergency information put in kits for you so that if God forbid you needed it you would have it.
 Fingerprints, DNA, pictures of all four profiles and all his important information. Together in one place. 
It made my stomach hurt a little to even think about needing it but, I am so glad it is locked away in the safe. I thought this was a wonderful free thing to take advantage of. 

In the fire truck. He is now saying when he grows up this will be his job. 
This is just funny to me. This is Jackson's new thing.
Could this kid be any more relaxed/ confident?!
Love him. 

Happy Monday!

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Donna said...

My goodness, that whole arm in the head crack me up. What a cutie!