Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My sweet boy

Life with a 3 year old is funny. It is never boring. 
This is one of those mommy stories I mostly just want to remember for myself.
Jackson is very worried about things being in families.
I am not really sure where this has come from. 
Maybe his new obsession with The Berenstain Bears?
He wants everything to have a mommy and daddy counterpart.

Today in the kitchen while making sandwiches for everyone before we head to the Braves game. 
Jackson was sitting on the floor by the table playing with some toys.
He was also noticing I made a couple spills of blue paint from who knows what project as the table is my workspace. He kept asking me about this one big stain and I was honestly half listening because I am cutting up veggies for the sandwiches. Honestly also because sometimes he is just talking to Sable. ;)
So after I am done I look at the spots he is talking about and
 scratch off the dime sized spot he was talking about. 

Our conversation goes like this:

Me: There ya go buddy. All gone no need to worry about it. Mommy just made a mess.
Jack: Oh no mommy, put it back.
Me: What back, that paint? It was like a spill. I just cleaned it up. 
Jack: (with tears in his eyes) but, mommy the baby ones and mommy are missing their daddy.
They are so sad now that he is gone. 

He was heart broken. 
My sweet boy. 
He is three so it's not like I can explain that paint splatters don't have
 daddies or mommies, much less feelings.You can bet your bottom. 
I painted another dot on the floor. This time on purpose.
This satisfied him completely and off he went.
He will forget about them in a day and they will all be taken up.
But for now he is happy the dot family is back together. 

**note to self, clean up after yourself mommy or your 
floor will be splatter painted with dot families forever.**


Kelley said...

Awwww!!! I love it!! I have a 3 y/o boy, too. Their perspective is so awesome. Loved this post.

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Ha! That is great! And you're better than me...Brandon would've just had to deal with there not being a Daddy dot...

Allison said...

What a sweet, little heart he has! And what a good mommy you are for putting the daddy spot back with his family ;)

Michelle said...

Evie went through this too. i love it. It is so precious.

Cisilia "cc" said...

Tears in my eyes and wishing I could hold him and hug you!!!