Thursday, September 22, 2011

5 more...

Finished another sign for our sign wall. 
I love it. 
Most tuesdays after church we go and have mexican.
I took this picture to send to mom and just love it. 
He is giving his daddy that "I adore you" look and eating his tortilla. 
Nothing special but, completely special. 
I found this picture of my dad today. The nose, cheeks, chin, ears.
Hello little Bobby. 
We are gearing up for soccer on Friday. 
We went today to get the rest of his things.
Socks and soccer shoes. How stinking cute! 
True to Jackson form he has baseball helmet, football in hand,
 soccer cleats and shin guards. All he was missing was his golf club.
So that was four, number 5 is a surprise fall giveaway. Something small but, fun! 
Mostly because It's getting to be my favorite time of the year. 
So if you actually read this far, tell me your favorite fall activity.
That's it and I will pick a winner Saturday and revel the prizes! 



Kelly said...

I LOVE going to buy pumpkins! BURT's in 3 weeks!!!! Woo hoo! a pumpkin place, Yahoo Farms near our house opened last weekend!! Hoping to go Saturday!!

Jane. said...

I LOVE being able to play outside with Grayson. It is so much cooler in the evening that we try to spend an hour or so playing. Your little man needs to come teach mine his sports skills. Have fun Friday!

Kelley said...

My favorite fall activities are the cool crisp saturdays when I can open my windows, light some good smelling candles and watch football all weekend!!!

Stefanie said...

Fall is so special for me too - just love it and have so many special occasions to celebrate this season!! I love when we go to Southern Belle Farm to do the corn maze and hayride and to pick out a pumpkin! Also, one of the first signs of Fall in our house is when a hot pumpkin pie comes out of the oven an a cool, crisp morning! :)

Missie said...

I love fall because it is time for Football. And also we spend alot of time at our camp and out on the boat, not as crowded on the water and the weather is so much cooler.