Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Progress has been made! The kitchen is looking great. It was a long day and I have a feeling tomorrow will be another one. The kitchen is looking a little flat in the pictures but, I assure you it is much better in real life. I will post the "After" pictures tomorrow once we are all done. We have a few more coats of paint and some hardware to update.

This is what has happened so far.

Before Again:


The Almost:

bad lighting...
I'm so excited to have this done and put back together.


Rachel H. said...

It looks SO good! I'm so impressed!!

PinkSass said...

Oooh it really does look so good!

Waiting for the finished product is the worst! Hang in there!

Ben, Lindsey, and Boys said...

Wow, you've made a lot of progress in just a short amount of time!! Can't wait to see the final masterpiece! :)