Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm a bad blogging mommy and there is so much to blog about...

Jackson's Godmother
(better known as Nanny)
is getting married in 21 days! We are so excited and love her so much. Mr Chris is amazing and we couldn't have hand picked a sweeter man for her. You see them together and can feel how in love they are. BM Kim and MOH Me threw her a couples bridal shower this past weekend.

Here are some pictures.

The Spread
Yummy Drinks
Lemonade Vodka

Some of the gang


Mr & Mrs.
They are having a cupcake tower so this was their "cake moment".
The bridal party.
(Kim, Bride Pam, Muah, Shanna)
Nanny and the Bubs

Jackson's new favorite thing is the cell phone. If he see's you with yours
he will start saying "Hi, hi, hi" It's so funny. He loves to call daddy at work.
This happens about three times a day.

So cute

In PT news things are going really well. We missed Jackson's therapy on monday with Ms. C. He had a touch of bronchitis. So with breathing treatments and an oral steroid he is much better. We have been working hard on our pulling up skills and Jackson is doing so good!

Watch and see...

Yayy we are so, so, so close. It's happening a couple of times a day but not every time quite yet. So, yes we feel PT is going great. It is perfect for Bub's at this time.

So with that I say...


Rachel H. said...

So cute! Looks like a fun shower!

Ben, Lindsey, and Boys said...

So who's temper was that that came out ever so briefly? :) I can't believe how big he's getting!! So cute!

Karen said...

What a cute shower!

Nana said...

Yeah Jackson,,,,you are getting closer and closer, can't wait to hear mommy and daddy saying slow down Jackson... Love ya bunches...

Anonymous said...

That video is so cute!

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