Monday, June 22, 2009

Our version of crawling... The Scoot.

 Aw, he is so chunky, does he walk?
No, not yet he is just a chill baby.
Oh, so he crawls though right? 
He Scoots.
 (gives me puzzled, this mom is crazy her baby doesn't crawl and is this big look)
Oooh. Well I'm sure he will. 

How many times a week do I have this conversation. I honestly would say once sometimes more a day. I am about to admit something on the interweb that some of you know, some would never guess. I did not walk until I was 26 months. Yes, 2 years and 2 months old. Is Jackson taking after his mom? Who knows, but the baby can scoot. He gets where he is going and he gets there fast. We finally caught him on the flip. 
So enjoy my babies form of crawling 2 days before his birthday!


JosiahsMommy said...

Omg that is too cute. He's a smart one! Who needs crawling. I can move while sitting!

KLS said...

As long as he's happy - who cares! You're doing a great job with that sweet little boy.

Nana said...

Sign him up for a 5K.....go baby jackson, you are doing so great.....2 more days, can't wait to see you and celebrate!!!! Nana and grandpa love you sooooo much!

murraykeith said...

My nephew did the same thing:)