Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh Lord he loves the Harley.

Grandpa got a new bike. He and Nana rode down on Sunday afternoon for a visit. I thought for sure when he started the bike Bub's might startle. Um, No. He loved it. Busted out laughing and wanted Grandpa to hold him on the bike. Oh dear. At least I have a good 30 years before he can ride one right? Check out the pic's he had such a good time. 

My baby loves Harley's and he isn't even a year old.

9 day's just in case you are keeping up.


The Mrs. said...

Too cute!! I think nanny just had a panic attatck thinking about the day he might actually ride one. ugh.
9 days... yes. I'm counting! :)

spearmint baby said...

soooo adorable!

(i am from the bump...i saw you on the blogroll post :))

Nana said...

Oh yea----what a surprise that he did laugh and get so excited!! Love that lil' harley dud!!

JosiahsMommy said...

In that 3rd picture down he's looking at the camera like "I am going to LOVE torturing mama with this when I'm older!"