Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh what a Fabulous Friday! Picture Heavy!

That it was!
 Seriously, a first birthday and a wedding between best friends provides for endless crafting opportunities. and the need to make some amazing candy. 
Martha Stewart watch out.

 We headed over to Grand Nanny's house today to make some "mock up" candy for 
Nanny's wedding to use at Jackson's first birthday party. 
Wow that was a mouthful did you get all of that? 
Jackson's godmother Pam aka Nanny is getting married in September. 
We are running through some things  now to work out colors and new flavors so we know just what she wants. After all she deserves nothing but, the best! 
Since Jackson's birthday is next week (ECK!) her mom, Miss Mona aka Grand Nanny had us over for an impromptu candy making session. It was a blast, just look and see.

This is what I left the house with...
(come on, how cute is that)
My Sweet man ready for the day.
Um check out his Mohawk...
His Kitchen set up.
He was pretty happy with it.
CC excited about her first candy making experience.
We also made some "fire candy" with no fire. 
For Bub's birthday we made "Grand Nanny's Tropical Crisp".
These are "Sour Creme mints" OMG Delish. 
We were playing with the colors for Nanny's wedding.
Grand Nanny mixed up the perfect shade in the end!
Press and pop out. It's that easy.
Grand Nanny's mints. (Nanny is getting married on the beach!)
How cute is this star fish?
Still playing away.
It was time to eat and take a quick break.
Why I tied his shirt to his head like a bandana I have no idea,
but I thought it was so funny. 
Grandma CC and Grand Nanny with their molds.
Tropical Crisp! It's watermelon and pineapple. 
Jackson was so excited he fell asleep.
While the crisp cooled. We worked on some of Jackson's birthday decorations. 
Nanny figuring out her new circle cutter. 
Lot's of laughter all day long.
Nanny breaking the crisp.
Boom Boom Pow with a spoon and...
How cute are these for the candy table at his party!
This is a sneak for the wedding. Nanny is putting these on the backs 
of the chairs that will make the center isle. So pretty!
Again, Bub's was overwhelmed with how fabulous the day was. 

So fun. 


JosiahsMommy said...

Is there anything cuter than a tray of Jackson heads? Really?

The Mrs. said...

Ugh! Amazing Post! Linking over...
Had such a great time! I love you!

Nana said...

Wow what such great ideas for both big 1st BDay man and for her wedding. All so different and very original GREAT JOB TO ALL!!!! can't wait to see it all come together. love ya'll