Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Name and a Rainbow.

You will still find my blog at the same address but, for sometime
 I have wanted to change the name. 
I mean yep i'm Momma Ra but, this is about life not me.
 So I saw this quote and heard "Dun du dun". 
(Did you just hear the horns sound. ;)   

Now this...

"The work will wait while you show a child the rainbow
 but, the rainbow won't wait while you work."
Patricia Clafford

We rushed outside when daddy called us
It went completely over the house.

Thanks Daddy
Jackson's first Rainbow!

1 comment:

The Mrs. said...

WOW, you look super skinny in that first pic! ;) I like the new name... and your baby looking like the pot of goald at the end of the rainbow! Lovies!