Monday, May 25, 2009

5 about 11 months

Hello Lovies. Can you believe it, 11 months.
 Where does the time go. 
As usual I have some precious pictures to share and 
our top five favorite things about 11 months.

1. Words.
 Dad, Mom mom, Up, Bye  bye, and one more that gets a number all it self. :)
Jackson is such a chatter box and while most of the time it is just babbles or repeating what he hears us say (like the other day when Dad told us he was leaving and I said Ok, and he oh so casually said "K" then looked away.) he is full of things to say. There are about 5 words that he uses in context and often. It is so cute!

2. B.I.B.L.E thats the book for me.
This is a song the kids at church sing and love. At the end, if you don't know the words you scream "BIBLE". About 2 or 3 weeks ago he really got into it jumping up and down and laughing.  So for fun we started singing it ALL THE TIME at home. I kid you not (and I promise to catch it with the flip) now when we sing it he says "Bibl" no E. 

3. Price tags and Plastic cups.
All the toys in the world and my child would much rather play with price tags and cups. He loves them and cries when we are in the store and clothes tags pass him by. Give him a Plastic cup and he is a happy man. Guess that makes him easy to please? ;)
Crossing his feet is also a Jackson thing.

4. Two finger eating and more teeth.
Jackson has mastered the two finger picking up of food. Yay Jackson! 
We were so excited this month with the cutest two finger pinching, he started feeding himself. This opens up doors upon doors of food options. Also his other top tooth came in. So he has three on top, two on bottom. Little man is growing up so fast. He will be eating sushi with chop sticks before we know it.

5. Faken' Bacon... the fake cry.
Mr Jackson has the cutest bad habit ever! I am sure I will pay greatly for giggling when he does this at some point. He can break it out in a split second and put it away just as fast. When someone walks past him he wants or I am talking on the phone. Oh the faces he can give.  
This started this month and is so funny. 
Here let me show you a few of these now famous faces...

I can not believe that in a month we will have a ONE YEAR OLD! Crazy, crazy.


The Mrs. said...

Yea Sweet baby is 11 Months! I can't belive it! Great post! :) xoxoxo

Nana said...

Priceless, hard to believe 11 you and miss you baby Jackson!!

The H's said...

Congrats on winning the One Lovely Blog Award. See details on my blog

Haley said...

He is precious! Adorable!