Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not Baby Related. My "Carrie" soapbox...

At what point in your life do you stop being afraid to tell the truth to people who you love? Why do we always walk on eggshells when saying the things that we know are true? Is it because we are afraid of what people think. Are we afraid we will hurt someone's feelings? Aren't we hurting them more by not just being honest. We are letting them go on thinking they have our support when in reality they are flailing and we are all just watching. Do we know they need to struggle to grow. Or are we really just afraid they will need us more if were honest?  At what point did it become ok to let things hang in the balance? If my strength and faith are in the Lord then why do I always get nervous when the time comes? How do you know you are really being helpful and not just mean?  I hope that it's not that I'm ashamed to say the things I know are true or soften them so I don't sound crazy. 

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