Thursday, September 25, 2008

3 About 3

Three months old. Can you believe it. Now I am totally stealing this idea from other boards I love.         
                                                                  3 about 3.

1. I love the way he just smiles at me, even when he's sleeping and he hears my voice.
2. I love how he says "hey" and gets all excited when I say "where's daddy" .
3. I love the way he stretches out his hinny and arches his back when he wakes up. I could just eat him up when he does this.

I can't even imagine it's been three months. He is just such a blessing to us and just so darn cute. We had the big weight check today. Jackson came in at 13lbs 3oz, and  25 3/4inches! He has gained 4 pounds in the last month. Love this man!


Donna said... precious. Enjoy every moment. They grow fast

Anonymous said...

Yay Jackson! What a growin' dude!!