Saturday, September 13, 2008

Great Week

This week was SO busy, but so much fun. We picked up big sissy Marah on thurs. It is so sweet how much her and Jackson love each other. He just wants to hear her talk and hold her hand. When she walks away his eye's just follow her. So Precious to watch. We did Bubbie's 3rd  5k today. It was so fun, In the Highlands. The FiredUp 5k with fire station 19. To fun, it was so nice outside and Bubbie just loves the stroller. He was awake the whole time just talking and smiling. That time is so sweet. Grandma CC resisted the urge to run today and walked it at my pace. I know it killed her but, it was so fun to just chat and walk. I guess in doing them Bubbie and I have decided it's more about getting out and walking then trying to keep up. Well and let's be honest, we love the t shirts. ((wink wink))

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Karen said...

what a cutie! sounds like a lot of fun, and a great way to get out and about. :)