Wednesday, July 23, 2008

why i started this...

Let me start by saying I totally understand half of the stuff I write on here will sound like jibberish to anyone who reads this! I am doing this for a couple of reasons. One Pam made a comment about I better be writing down all the stuff as it happens so she can be better prepared when she goes through pregnancy and yr one. Now saying that this probably won't help at all. I love you Pam. You will do better with out my crazy ramblings in your head. And two because i don't want to forget all this stuff after the fact and mix the sleep deprivation with the dizzying schedule i think I would. Now, Be warned this may be graphic sometimes, and if you now me you know my sense of humor. Sometimes not politically correct, and my grammar, lets face it I can't spell and if i forget to  spell check. Well just forgive me. Ok all that being said here we go. Who knows what will end up on here but I hope you enjoy... The first few maybe some back logging I have written other places but felt should be on here too. Some maybe cheesy and incredibly lame to read but, bear with me I'm hormonal! 


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