Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birth story... as seen on the nest baby...

Hey Guys !

It's a Boy!!!

Jackson Rush Williamson
5lbs  20 inches, Born June 25,2008 at 2:02pm

The dr had said if  we made it till wed we wouldn't stop my labor again. Jackson must have been listening. I was having pretty intense contractions tues night but couldn't make up my mind if it was just another false alarm. At 6:15am my water broke in bed. (so much for the no ones water ever breaks theory) It was not like in the movies where a gallon of water comes rushing out. I just felt a leak kinda. Woke B up and said "turn on your light I think my water just broke" He jumps out of bed like I had just shot him and looks at me like I'm crazy. The spot was about the size of  a peach on the bed. But I didn't feel like I could stop it. I went to the bathroom and stood up in the shower. smart thinking because that's when the more gushy part happened. Followed by two clots of blood and with the next gush of water was a good amount of blood. Totally freaked me out. But when we called the dr. he said it was totally normal what they call a bloody show and head to the hospital. B had already started the car and put some beach towels on the seat.(glad he did because one it breaks it doesn't stop leaking! ) I took a shower while B informed me 1000 times we needed to hurry for some reason I was really calm and figured it might be my last shower for a while and by God I would have it. Made it to the hospital with no traffic. I figured maybe I'd be dilated to a four I mean come on every ones first baby takes FOREVER. They checked me and go figure I'm a 7 1/2 - 8. The nurse said maybe there wouldn't be time for an epidural and I may not need one since I had gone through the worst of the contraction. I was having back labor and quickly informed her that wasn't happening she better find me an anaesthesiologist and fast! I said please about twenty times, and she rushed him in to do it. So glad she did! My back pains went away instantly and i was able to enjoy the experience. About 40 min later my dr. came in to check me and Jackson was already well within the birth canal. All i could do was feel a little pressure but she said it was go time. She said it would take about an hour hour and a half to have him out. I asked what time it was (like that made any difference) and twenty min. later he was here! It has been the most amazing four days of my life. I feel so blessed to have had such a calm delivery. No tearing or hemi's thank God! and ended up with an amazing and healthy little boy!

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