Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th {err 6th} of July!

We celebrated our country's birthday on the 4th. We had an awesome family day. Great family 3 hour nap, then we went to CC's and had an awesome dinner. Daddy was on the grill with the steaks and we did a spicy crap dip on top. Yummo. We bought a little $10 fireworks pack at Publix and had a little fun in the driveway.

Jackson was very excited this year to see the fireworks but, as you can see he would go through this range of emotions. Not sure, straight up worried, sad, and then excited. Man, it was a roller coaster.
I think we have decided once again that sparklers are where it's at. 
Maybe next year. 
 Our little patriotic guy. He loves this country and talks about "Go America!" all the time.
Hope your 4th was a wonderful day too. We are so very thankful to those who fight for our freedom and can't be with their family any day but, especially holidays.

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