Thursday, July 19, 2012


Seeing: Jack passed out next to me in bed. He needed a "snuggle mommy" and who am I to ever say no. These moments are my favorite.

Smelling: The cool air from the fan, and my new treats Nanny got me for my birthday Eucalyptus Mint from BBW is my favorite.

Tasting: Perrier. Lots of ice with lemons. and thinking about the coconut cake we will have at Dad's party tonight.

Listening: To Alabama Shakes. A friend turned me onto them and I am hooked. We got tickets to see them in September. Also, the new Zac Brown Band cd. Super awesome. I am so proud of those guys. Brian went to elementary-highschool with Zac and I went to college with his wife Shelley. It's crazy to think we used to see them with 15 people jamming out. I love that they are still the same even though they have blown up!

Touching: My iPhone. Instagram obsessed. You can follow me if you find "mommara" on there.

Also, I have to give a great big,
He is truly a fine figure of a man. We love you so much. xoxo

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