Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Like it's 1989!

My mom is a secretary at a high school in a town near us.
Tonight they had a fundraiser for a sweet freshman who is fighting a battle with cancer.
She lost her leg at the end of September and is putting up a heck of a fight.
The fundraiser was at the local skating rink.
Now I'll be honest. I used to figure skate at this rink when I was 9, I am now 29. 
But, it's been a long time, like over 15 years since I have been back. 
We thought it would be funny to see who would be better back in skates.
B or myself. He won hands down. I was scared to death of falling.
We also thought it would be fun to get Jackson in his first pair of skates. 

Big boy watching everyone skate.
Daddy is concentrating so hard.
My handsome guys.
He was loving it.

CC on her skates.
This pretty much sums up my skating ability.
I was a nervous wreck.
I am much more comfy in my flip flops.
B was a pro by the time we were done.
And just to prove how bad I am at skating. See that cute lady in the white top...
She is our precious friend who is 14 weeks pregnant doing the Cupid Shuffle IN SKATES!
Man, I might need some lessons before we all decide to do this again.

It was a fun night for a great cause.
Sending prayers to Kirsten.
 We wish you nothing but, a full and speedy recovery!

xoxo ra


Alysha (Supermom) said...

How fun. I haven't been skating in forever. I think I would probably be way afraid of falling too. Thanks for linking up!

Supermom Alysha

KLaw said...

What a fun time! And how cute is your Husband and your precious little guy on those skates? Swoon! Loves it.

Kelley said...

#1. Romp N Roll looks the exact same!!!
#2. I can't believe you and B didn't do a couples skate
#3. I SO wish I could have gone. We may have to go and take the little ones in a few years!

Cisilia "cc" said...

Thanks for the support my precious Williamson family.