Saturday, March 16, 2013

We had a baby.

Although, that is not what this post is about. That one will come. This one is about being content. I realize on this "we are doing nothing night". That my 31 years have brought me here. It started 11 years ago when I met my husband. A little more 8 years ago when I became his wife. Again almost 5 years ago when Jackson made me a mommy and again almost 3 weeks ago when Miss LenaJ completed our family. Tonight over shrimp asian salad picnic right outside our garage, in fold out chairs with grapes, and tatertots on the side. I realized it's official. I'm content. Happy to be in the place.

Trust me with the middle of the night feedings and figuring out the balancing act of a new family member and almost 5 yr old tantrums it's not always beautiful and sing song~ie but, tonight. It's all ok. The ups the downs they have gotten us here and here is grand.

So cheers friends. Our sweet girl is here and we are all so happy. We feel complete and content. I am sure the need to grow and change will come again soon as the seasons change but, for now we are snuggled in and loving this moment. Pictures of our girl to come. We are all completely smitten. Big brother is head over heals in love. He says all the time "and we get to keep her forever" "brothers, here. I love you, I love you". Yes, now is content and content is good.


And to tide you over, this is what now looks like..


andrea said...

Such great pictures! And lovely words :) xx

Jackee said...

Contented .. a good place to be.

donna said...

Beautiful. Lena is blessed to have wonderful parents and big brother!

Stefanie said...

so, so sweet! love it! the kids are precious...and your story of being content is beautiful! :)