Friday, September 25, 2009

Cutting the grass. Part 2

I really wish I could let each one of you come over and watch this in person.
The pictures and video just don't do it justice.

This is by far his favorite new thing to do.

I mean he just grin's and laughs the whole time.
Catch the huge smile at the end of this.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone loved yard work this much.
Let's just hope he feels the same way when he's 13.


Stefanie said...

Priceless! Jackson is so stinkin cute and his hair is getting darker it seems - I love it! Your babe is precious! Thanks for making me smile - that was great!! Have a good weekend!

Ben, Lindsey, and Boys said...

Amen sister!! That's how I feel about Brandon and his fascination with laundry right now! :) Silly boys!

Lace said...

Oh. My. Cuteness. I want to snuggle him so badly! Couldn't get any cuter!!